By Sahil Tandon & Lucy Fagan

“When this is over, I feel that my life will not be the same because there will still be great fear of getting infected. I wish we could go back to normal, so that I could go back to school and my life would be like it was before. I see that girls have to do more housework at home than boys,” says 13-year-old Coral.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis for the modern age, considered to be one of the deadliest pandemics in a century, it has grown to become an equally devastating social, political, and economic crisis; affecting all parts of society and the lives of people across the world. While COVID-19 has been touted to be ‘the great equalizer’, given that the virus infects people across social hierarchies indiscriminately, the same cannot be said about the way it impacts lives across these same structures. Certain parts of the population are disproportionately affected, usually comprising of individuals from the already most vulnerable and…

Over the last couple of months, COVID-19 has become the most discussed topic in the group so Khadyja decided to dedicate her daily routine to the development of awareness raising messages which she disseminates through social networks. “My main weapons: my smartphone and my voice.”

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in an unprecedented manner, with sweeping disruptions across all domains of life and society. While older demographics and people with pre-existing chronic conditions and co-morbidities have been shown to be at higher risk of complications from the disease, the pandemic’s pernicious spread across the globe has brought to light its universal impact on all of society. To curb the spread of the virus, many countries have implemented social distancing and lockdown measures such as restrictions on movement, self-isolation, quarantines, and bans on routine activities. With more than a third of the world’s…

Young Experts: Tech 4 Health

A global youth council using the power of young people and tech for a healthier, equitable world. Independent partner of Transform Health Coalition for UHC2030.

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